About Me

Hello World!

My name is Meo and I’m a developer.

A coder by day and a gamer by night.

Here’s my protfolio on Unreal Engine 4.

Survival: An ARPG game.

This project is my final project during my Master time and it’s definetly my favourite. I put lots of time and effort into this little game to show my interest and my passion in gaming and gaming design.

“Playing video games is a dead end” my a$%.

Let me first intruduce you to the concept of this game.

I developed this game to show case my ability of design and making landscapes, design characters, design ability systems and overall Unreal Engine 4 skills.

Game Demo

Part 1 : Landscapes

I made this map with only UE4 stock assets without any addtional tools. The goal is this map is to demo my abilities using landscape tools of UE4.


This beautiful night environment is created becasue I just want to show off how well Unreal Engine 4 handles lighting effects, reflextions and bloom.


The daylight map is more stright forward. The three enemy sections are put at three best spots to show off this maps features the center area, the grassland and the stone floor.

Part 2: Game System Blueprints

This part is pretty plain and simple. I followed by UE4 Blueprint disign principal and made this game with ability system. I’ll put some screenshot of some of the blueprints and add some explaination.

The player controller blueprint shows how the player’s movement and actions are designed to operate and how the game begins.

This is one of the abilities in game. The “Dash” ability activates player into a forward rush and will knock out and stun enemies with it’s collide path.

Part 3: Player Models and Character Blueprints

For the models inside the game I also used Unreal’s own characters. I utilize their own animations to fit the skills I created. The Shinbi character is a melee hero so the animations fits best for her and my second hero is a long ranged one so the animation needs some tweaking.

The player’s model is the Unreal character Shinbi. I created a character base for player and enemy characters and the differences are their different texture materials and sizes. The character has a view camera and body and weapon colliders. In the character base blueprint, you can see how all the animation and collider physics work. And these leads right to my final part.

Part 5: Animation

For this game to work properly, I utilized animation blueprint, animation state machine, animation blender and animation montage. The animation state machine handels the idle-walk-run animation as the base animation during runtime. With the help of blender and animation montage, animation such as melee attacks, skills different physical animation was added to the character.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any further interests.